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17th Nov 2014

How have you been Son? I been on but apparently I miss when you get on, I hear your balls deep  in COD right now anyways. I've been getting back to DayZ until they get Epoch to where it needs to be, Dayz is much better nowadays. I was thinking what the hell  happen to H1Z1 hype? I know we where waiting on that then we all got epoch keys. Seems H1Z1 has fell off. 
I'll  catch you when you get on.

The Super.

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19th Nov 2014

Actually yes I did get into COD but that will be fading soon. BF4 has a new update (Final Stand) today I think?? Also played some Insurgency with Avo and Human. That game is pretty bad ass right now. I will have to get on and play some DayZ with you. Not sure about H1Z1 but check out the Tom Clancy game that will be coming out in 2015 I posted. Think that will be the next big thing hopefully. Thanks for checking on me bro and I will catch up with ya soon!

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Forum » General Discussion » Public News & Information
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