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Your favorite spider is some what back!!!
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Joined: 9th May 2016
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9th May 2016

Hey guys....I know you all have missed me lol Kinda back mainly just to blow stuff up lol Have thought about you guys often and have missed you all. 


Oh also wanted to let you guys know I still have my WDA tags ingame, if you want me to remove them I will. Just thought I would give you a heads up.
Joined: 15th Apr 2014
Rank: Joint Chief of Staff
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9th May 2016

Hi Black Widow

Welcome back

I think most of us are playing star wars or BF3 I currently play BFH and a little Star wars.

but i just pre orderd BF1

Hope to see you on sometime
Joined: 14th Apr 2014
Rank: Joint Chief of Staff
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10th May 2016

HI Blackwidow Been awhile

Joined: 14th Apr 2014
Rank: WDA Member
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11th May 2016

Black Widow! Hi. How are ya? Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you in game sometime soon.

I will be playing The Division until BF1 comes out.

Hope you're doing well.

Joined: 3rd Apr 2014
Rank: Admin
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12th May 2016

Hey BlackWidow.. . Glad you stopped in. Of course you can keep your WDA tags. You should come into comms sometime and play a few rounds
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