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DayZ ......Change log - 0.45.124426
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18th Jun 2014


Known Issues:
Crash caused by the duplication of burnt meat. 
Camera can clip through walls. 
Occasionally zombies are spawning at the same spot they died. 
Extremely rare crash when a player throws item 
Player's next character will not be saved into database if he disconnects after death. 
Rapid player movement vertically can in rare circumstances incur falling damage 

Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to gear configuration 
Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to data and character configuration 
Actions: Added cancel current player action on self, on target and on items back to actions themselves 
Actions: Added new animations for drinking from pond and well actions 
Actions: Igniting fireplace depends on wind strength and rain 
Actions: Salmonellosis is curable with antibiotics 
Actions: Emptying large magazine will split ammo in adequate amount of smaller piles 
Actions: You can sharpen a bit badly damaged blades using stone 
Actions : You can tear few blank pages out of a book 
Actions : You can go fishing (ponds and lakes for this moment) 
Actions : You can drink whole bottle at once 
Animations: Clapping now possible while crouching 
Animations: Binoculars transitions added for crouch and prone. 
Content: Garage office building loot spawns added 
Content: Doors on vehicle wrecks now show name in scroll menu so users are able to know which door or boot they are opening/closing. 
Crafting : You can craft improvised fishing rod using long ashwood stick and rope 
Crafting : You craft and break down leather courier bag 
Crafting : You craft and break down leather backpack 
Crafting: Splitting long ashwood stick into thirds 
Crafting: Breaking Courier bag down into materials 
Crafting: Breaking Improvised backpack down into materials 
Crafting: Breaking Splint down into materials 
Gathering : You can collect wood from bushes and trees and also search for kindling in woods 
Gathering : You can mine stones from some smaller boulders 
Gathering : You can dig up worms from ground 
Gathering : You can search for apples 
Gathering : You can skin and quarter animals 
Gear: Road flare configuration 
Gear: Road flare animation 
Gear: Configuration of fireplace items and crafting recipes for them 
Gear: Crafting recipes for combine/split firewood and stones 
Gear: Added flare particle effects synchronization on server 
Item: AKM attachments (folding buttstock, rail handguard, plastic magazine), AK rail handguard allows the attachment of a flashlight and a bipod 
Item: Animal pelts added (Wildboar, Rabbit, Cow, Pig, Deer) 
Item: Improvised Backpack and Courier bag made of fur, recipes added. 
Items: Road Flare, Fishing hook, High Capacity vest, Longhorn pistol, AKM butt stocks, AKM magazines added to loot spawns 
Items: Chernarus Police uniform (pants, jacket, cap) added to loot spawns 
Items: OREL special Police unit uniform added to loot spawns 
Items: Gorka Military Pants added to loot spawns 
Items: Various meats configs 
Item : Improvised fishing rod config 
Item: Fishing hook config 
Item: Fishing bait config 
Item: Worm config 
Localisation: Door names added to string table. 
Server: Animals spawning 
Server: Initial implementation of dynamic server events 

Actions: Added conditions to crafting recipes 
Actions: Wooden sticks are stackable, crafting recipes with sticks modified to take stacks into account 
Actions: Catching some rain action, doesn't add water to a stomach 
Actions: Removed 'isUsingSomething' variable from player's stored variables 
Actions: Deconstructing improvised backpack produce wooden sticks in actual quantity required to craft it 
Actions: Fireplace sound effects fixed 
Actions: Fixed addressee of the messages in ignite fireplace action 
Action: Changed frying time to 30s 
Action: Higher probability to light fire in the wind 

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19th Jun 2014

Is the new engine out yet?

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19th Jun 2014


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