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The WDA has evolved through a spirited heritage - spanning millennia, tracing their lineage back before most known records. Athens to Zimbabwe, the WDA is an elite unit made up of military men and women from around the globe, which gave their lives for their country. Yet even after death, refuse to surrender. Refuse to give up. And take on any challenge set before them.                                                          

The Walking Dead Army (WDA) 

was enacted in August 2002.

Before the Walking Dead Army (WDA) was created, the dead had no responsibility, no purpose, no reason for being, until Congress first established the Living Dead Act of 1999. Two years later, Congress replaced that law with the Living Dead Act of 2001, which for the first time made the development of military personnel of the dead possible. The act assigned the Living Dead (LD) the functions of both encouraging and implementing the use of non-living and un-dead in its arsenal.

Congressional Meeting

By late 2001, an increasing number of critics charged that the LD's presence among the living were immoral and impious. The LD had come under such strong attack that Congress nearly decided to abolish the agency.

Supporters and critics, however, agreed that the duties of the LD should be assigned to special ops. Arguing that they [LD] would be able to accomplish missions that others cannot or will not do.

Congress, bringing the issue to the UN council, the act was then adopted by the UN.

Members of the Security Council meet at the United Nations

The UN council amending the act in August the preceding year, to not allow the living in any way be affiliated with the LD, and that their operations and mission remain classified and non public related.
This act was called "The Walking Dead Army" (WDA) act of 2002.

WDA_Colonel, in an UN press conference earlier this year, was quoted saying, "We possess the necessary expertise to access the most recent developments in both compliance and technology, to offer the most productive service in the industry. With thousands of years of accumulated experience, the WDA is currently setting the industry standard in providing the most accurate, efficient Wetworks and Special Ops services. Stealth and tactical while attracting the minimum of attention, but to the maximum effect." 
"They can run, but they will DIE TIRED !!"
...."With terrorism at it's lowest since the WDA act...."proof alone that we are what the world needs....even if they aren't willing now, they [world] will accept us."
This would seem to be a difficult goal to achieve, and within a short time the WDA's programs stirred considerable controversy. 
Yet the General felt sure that the world would see more the use for the dead, and has since mentioned expanding WDA in other areas outside of their current services.


WDA_Colonel was also quoted in the conference saying, "Our goals and purpose remain the same.  That is to reunite the men and women who served proudly and gallantly have the opportunity to do so again."    "I encourage all fallen soldiers who refuse to rest, and are interested in enlistment  within the WDA, apply today and see if you have what it takes."



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